The vast majority of the content on Prison.wiki will be entered by people just like you. Since in the US alone, there are over 1700 state prisons, 100+ federal prisons, 942 juvenile detention facilities, 3200+ localĀ jails, 79 Indian Country Jails as well as military prisons, we must rely onĀ volunteers to tell the stories of the more than 2.5 million currently incarcerated individuals and the 10s of millions of people lives who have been rocked by incarceration.

We rely on you to share the knowledge you have gained, to help others where you can, to learn from others and never be afraid to ask questions. The only way this works is if everyone pitches in. Spread the word, share this site with your loved ones inside so that they can tell others who can share it with their friends and families.

How do I help?

Just sign up and start editing. Join the forums and ask questions.

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